Step Zero


     Step Zero is a maintenance group for those who have completed the 12 step program as well as a preparation group for those who have yet to walk the steps. The purpose of this group is to provide an opportunity to discover yourself, God, and others - without a timetable. It is also a place to explore your concerns and struggles without any pressure to label yourself as anything less than a child of God, or one who is searching for Him.

     This group is a safe place for you to take a closer look at the things in your life that cause harm, pain, trouble, or inconvenience to yourself or others. We would like to take this time to walk together, look at where we are in life, find clarity, truth, and vision for a new way of life and take the necessary actions in order to have that life.

   Through this phase of the program we build on the foundation Jesus provides in the greatest commands (Mark 12:28-30) through which the Lord teaches our heart to trust, allows our soul to understand truth, trains our mind to make the right choices, and uses His strength to help us change.

First Steps

     Recovery—Through Christ promotes spiritual and emotional healing through a combination of God’s Word and the 12 steps of recovery. This effective blend teaches individuals to react to the struggles of life in a healthy way instead of suppressing, coping with, numbing, or simply avoiding reality. Through the program, participants learn how to carry their burdens (Matt. 11:28-30), retrain their thought patterns (2 Cor. 10:3-5), and overcome their own great tribulations of life (Rev. 7:13-14).

     Recovery is lifelong process for many people, yet change is possible. Recovery—Through Christ provides the tools that allow the new way of life to become reality. But the outcome is completely dependent on your willingness to change. In Colossians 3:1-10, Paul called this process “being renewed.” The renewal comes from completely letting go of the old life and starting to live again. It is made possible through a new awareness of God, a better understanding of the struggles we face, and a support group that helps us stay focused on the narrow path leading home.

     We understand that everyone struggles at some point in his or her life. Even though each person’s situation is different, the power to rise above comes from the same place—Jesus Christ. In Him, we have hope, peace, love, and forgiveness. And it is only through Christ that we can ever truly recover.

  • "It is truly only in Christ that a person can be made new. And the RTC program is a place to discover Christ, yourself, and others.”

                                                            – Erika Dewald

  • "Through this process I was able to take a closer look at myself , the dysfunctions, and addictions in my life, and face them head on, purely from a Bible-based perspective."
                                                           - Jamie Gillespie
  • " The program helped me see how the hurts I’ve experienced in my past caused me to have an unrealistic perception of my relationships, including my relationship with God. By working through the twelve steps I’ve been able to accept myself with my imperfections, forgive others for past hurts, and know the unconditional love that God offers each of us. "

                                                               - Debbie Banks

  • "RTC has helped us provide healing of reoccurring pain, addictions, and bad habits. It works because it draws people closer to the Great Physician; places them within a confidential support group; and helps grow participants into new creations."
                                                             - David Shannon